Stage for Chic Living

Stage for Chic Living

For home owners who want to give their home a totally refreshed look for living or for a special occasion!  Using the concepts of interior redesign, our Stage for Chic Living service will  transform your home using mostly its existing elements.  We skillfully rearrange your  furniture, artwork and accessories to breathe new life into your space.  This is perfect for the client who is looking for a totally refreshed look, for a small investment, that can be completed in a day.

How is this different from hiring an interior designer?

Unlike an interior designer who creates their own grand vision for your home, the goal of Stage for Chic Living is to enhance the decor choices you have made, by creating a new look using pieces you already own.

Chic Accessories Package

Every now and then, clients wish to add fresh accessories such as throw pillows, artwork, rugs or window treatments to their home.  These new additions can transform the room from ordinary to extraordinary!  As staging pros, we would LOVE to help you find the gorgeous new pieces for your home (read about If this sounds good to you, then be sure to check out our Chic Shopping Services!

Chic Shopping Services

You’ve got better things to than worry about home decor!  Let our shopping experts find the perfect accessories to give your home the designer look that  you’ve always wanted!  During our initial walk-thru, we will discuss your favorite styles, tastes, and budget, then leave the leg work to us!  We know how to shop on a budget, and create designer style  that doesn’t cost a fortune!

Just for a Party or the Holidays
Having guests for a special occasion?  Let us stage for a chic party, impress your guests, and turn the occasion into a memorable experience!


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